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About WebProfSystems, LLC (WPS)

Headquartered in Moscow, Russia, WebProfSystems’s profile is development of software applications under the SaaS business model.

WebProfSystems, LLC was incorporated on 29 June 2010 under Primary State Registration Number (PSRN) 1107746518109 with the Federal Tax Service of the city of Moscow, and was assigned Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) 7734638953.

In its business, WebProfSystems, LLC is guided by its Charter and the Russian Federation law, under which it benefits from a simplified presumptive taxation regime, which gives it competitive edge as far as transaction and production costs are concerned.

The company’s customers are corporations that render data processing services to users in Russian and overseas.  Its extensive production portfolio comprises, inter alia, a software product “Virtual Registrar” — a set of applications for domain names registration and management, and provision of DNS hosting services.  Virtual Registrar is an extendable vehicle to operate top-level domains by employing, and directly interacting with, both their registries and registrars’ systems. It has been successfully employed by the Coordination Center for Top-level Domains .RU/.РФ and its accredited registrars.

As identification professionals, WPS provides the solution for digital objects identification based on DOA/Handle technology. Our infrastrucure supports the identifiaction of internet of things, utility meters, cargo, cars and transport infrastructure objects.

The company’s key staff boasts more than a decade-long record in the domain names registration business, in-depth knowledge of its peculiarities and an impressive expertise in the area of operating highly loaded applications.

The Company’s focus is on:

  • software development and consulting services for registries, registrars and other critical systems;
  • computing hardware and hosting consulting services;
  • massive data processing and visualization;
  • database structural design, development and use;
  • product analysis and adaptation for market needs;
  • other operations associated with the use of ICT in critical systems

The company’s developed products, consulting and project management services portfolio includes numerous research of the registry/registrar operations and a successful launch and further development of the statistical services. WebProfSystems also provided technical counseling, evaluation and appraisal to several new gTLDs applicants.

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